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1HZ Diesel 6 cylinder Conversion


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This is a kit we put together so that you can convert your Land Cruiser 1958-2007 into a powerful, economical diesel 1HZ engine.

Engine Does NOT come with transmission. 5 speed R151F Transmission is available for $1500 additional.
H55F upgrade is also available $2595-$4900 depending on options.
We have installed 1HZ diesel engines in multiple Landcruiser series including 40's, 60's, 70's, 80's. Everyone has loved the conversion. Depending on vehicle and tires/gearing you will get 20 to 30 mpg with this conversion.

This listing is for a 1HZ Diesel Engine with accessories including Power Steering, engine mounts, alternator, all integral pieces to the running of the engine for example glow plugs, injection pump and lines, pulleys, all timing, etc. If you purchase a transmission we will also include all bell housing, clutch (recommend new at $299) and flywheel (recommend resurfacing at $119) parts.

While an automatic can be fabricated to fit to this engine we do not typically recommend using an automatic due to the time and expense required.
A/C pump, pulleys and mounting brackets if required for your application is an additional $600 upgrade charge.
Engines are typically all from HZJ75 pick up trucks originally.

Each engine is compression tested, checked and certified before selling. After your purchase we will get you the mileage on the unit you will be receiving, Mileage on these engines is typically anywhere from 100k to 180k.
We offer an engine service that includes:
Replacing all timing components
New Aisan water pump
New belts
New genuine Toyota glow plugs
New engine gaskets installed
Block cleaned and painted
External aluminum is cleaned up but not detailed. The aluminum pieces will be all reassembled but any clean up as wanted is up to the customer.
This additional servicing is only $1500 and highly recommended for piece of mind.
Injectors rebuilt if wanted adds $600. In our experience it has not been required on any used engine that we have sold in the past.
The 1HZ is a very simple engine to install and run. Customer is required to install and supply heater hoses, radiator hoses, fabricate the mounts and install whatever air cleaner you want, anything from cone style K&N to the factory box depending on your application.

Turbo kit installed before shipment adds $2299
This will net you roughly an additional 60 HP and is a great upgrade but in no way required for typical driving conditions. These engine make around 130 HP which is typically the same power a naturally aspirated stock F, 2F or 3F engine will produce.
Some previous installation pictures are notated below.

These engine are currently being produced and installed by Toyota just as they have been since 1990 by Toyota in various worldwide markets for over 25 years. The reliability and simplicity are legendary. We keep over $20k worth of 1HZ spare engine parts in stock at all times to service these engines, we typically have anything you may ever require and can special order anything for these engines!

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