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Tapered Roller Bearing Front or Rear Axle Outer Bearing


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This Front or Rear Outer axle Bearing is listed for 1976 -Current 40,55,60, 70 Series, 93-97 FZJ80 and 98-05 UZJ100 Land Cruisers as well as 98-05 LX470 and 95-97 LX450.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, HZJ77, BJ42, HZJ79, BJ74, LJ78, BJ70, PZJ70, HZJ71, HZJ73, BJ46, HZJ75, BJ44, KZJ71, BJ41, LJ71, BJ73, BJ71, KZJ78, HZJ70, FJ75, HZJ74, HZJ76, PZJ77

Toyota Land Cruiser, VDJ79, HZJ70, LJ72, BJ75, HZJ79, KZJ73, HDJ81, FZJ78, RJ73, FJ70, FZJ80, PZJ75, VDJ78, HZJ71, BJ40, HDJ78, FZJ105, LJ79, HDJ100, FZJ71, HDJ101, HJ60, FJ43, PZJ70, BJ61, BJ73, HZJ73, LJ70, BJ45, FJ55, FJ60, FZJ70, UZJ100, BJ74, HZJ74, BJ46, FZJ79, HDJ80, LJ77, FZJ73, FJ61, FJ73, BJ71, HZJ75, BJ43, FZJ100, KZJ77, FJ45, HJ45, RJ77, HJ61, FJ62, BJ60, HZJ76, BJ44, FJ75, HZJ80, BJ41, HDJ79, FZJ76, FJ80, HJ75, VDJ76, FZJ74, PZJ73, FJ40, HZJ105, HZJ81, BJ70, BJ42, LJ73, KZJ70, FJ62G, LJ79R, HZJ78, FZJ75, HJ47, RJ70

Toyota 4Runner, LN106, RN106, YN135, RN130, RN120, VZN105, LN65, VZN61, VZN95, VZN85, RN60, VZN131, RN66, RN101, RN135, LN135, RN105, LN111, YN106, RN121, RN131, LN107, YN130, LN66, VZN100, LN130, VZN130, RN61, VZN120, RN55, VZN66, RN75, RN65

Toyota Dyna, KDY241, YY52, KDY221, KDY281, YY131, LY162, LY211, LY122, TRY281, LY235, LY50, KDY280, RZY220, KDY220, RZY281, YY61, LY270, LY290, TRY220, LY230, LY161, KDY240, LY121, YY201, LY202, LY51, YY50, KDY231, TRY231, LY152, KDY271, YY121, LY201, LY132, LY60, KDY290, RZY230, LY280, TRY230, YY51, KDY230, YY211, LY240, LY131, KDY270, LY151, LY212, LY220, LY61, RZY231

Toyota Grand Hiace, VCH16, KCH16, VCH28
Toyota Granvia, VCH16, KCH16
Toyota Hiace Van, LH108, LH166, RZH109
Toyota Hiace, RCH29, RCH19, YH81, KLH18, YH61, LH90, LH80, LH56V, LH24, LY151, LY161, LH61, YH57G, LH95, LH85, LH61V, YH80, RCH18, LH60V, KLH28, YH61V, RCH28, LH66V, LXH18, LXH28, RH24
Toyota Hilux, YN60, KZN130, RZN174, YN110, YN130, LN165, RN46, YN106, RN130, LN106, YN65, RN106, LN46, VZN130, LN192, YN61G, RZN167, LN172, LN100, RN39, LN112, YN135, LN105, RN67, YN107, RN125, LN109, RN105, LN65, LN191, YN100, LN171, RZN168, KDN165, LN111, LN167, LN131, RN36, LN108, KZN165, YN63, LN61, YN67, YN61, LN170, RZN173, LN36, LN130, LN166, RZN169, LN135, YN105, RN135, LN107, LN60, YN62, RN61, RZN193 Toyota Lite Ace, CM20, YM41, YM40, CM25, CM26, KM21, KM21V, KM20, CM20V, KM20V, CM52 Toyota Masterace, RR11 Toyota Model-F, YR31 Toyota Pickup, RN47, RN37, RN48, RN38 Toyota Quick Delivery, LH81, LH82, LY152, LY151, LY270, LY228 Toyota Regius Ace, LH178, KZH106, LH168, LH107, LH129, LH119, LH117, LH109, KZH120, KZH126, KZH138, KZH116, LH188, LH186 Toyota Regius, KCH46, RCH47, LXH49 Toyota T100, VCK20, VCK21 Toyota Town Ace, YR30, CR31, KM20V, KM21V, CM52, CM20, CR37, RR11, KM21, CM26, CM20V, YM60, CM40, YM40, CM60, CR30, CM65, CM41, CR38, CM25, KM20, CR36, CM61, YR36, YM65 Toyota ToyoAce, KDY231, YY50, TRY231, RZY230, LY201, LY61, KDY271, LY152, YY121, LY21, LY132, KDY220, TRY220, LY280, RZY231, YY51, LY20, RY30, LY212, KDY280, LY240, LY151, YY201, KDY240, LY220, LY131, LY60, KDY221, YY131, JY30, TRY281, RZY220, YY52, RY21, LY211, LY122, KDY281, LY51, LY162, KDY241, BY30, TRY230, YY61, LY290, LY161, LY270, RZY281, KDY290, LY50, RY20, LY202, KDY270, LY121, LY230, YY211, KDY230, BY31 Toyota Van, YR31, YR32

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  • Manufactured by: Genuine Toyota

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